Type: Generous wine with a first phase of biological aging under flor for approximately 8 years and a second phase of oxidative aging for about 10 years.

D.O. Jerez-Xèrés-Sherry.

Grape variety: Palomino Fino.

Aging: Dynamic Criaderas and Soleras, in 500 L. American oak casks.

Old age: More than 15 years on average.

Alcohol content: 17,5% en volumen.

Format: 75 cl., botella jerezana tradicional.


Amontillado is an exceptional wine, the sherry that best combines character, finesse and, above all, complexity. The quality of an amontillado depends, to a large extent, on the weather. Time under a scrupulous and long aging under flor veil, decisive for the wine to acquire (and then preserve) the biological character and finesse both on the nose and on the palate. Oxidative aging time, essential for the wine to integrate the different aromatic components and alcohol, and gain concentration, depth, and length.


Aditional information

Organoleptic Features

Amber-colored wine, dense tears, with a subtle and delicate aroma, notes of nuts (hazelnut), aromatic herbs, varnishes, wood vinaigrette…, typical of prolonged oxidative aging.On the palate it is soft, kind, dry, with a long aftertaste.

Keeping suggestion

Keep in a fresh  and dark place.Put the bottle in vertical position. Optimun temperature 22 ºC.

Serving suggestions

An Amontillado is one of the most appreciated wines for pairing dishes as complete as consommés, broths, oily and smoked fish or in cuisines as exotic as Thai or Indian.It also combines perfectly with artichokes or grilled asparagus, with cured cheeses, mushrooms and risotto-type rice.

Serve at 12-14ºC.

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