Tipo: Oloroso wine of oxidative aging process elaborated with palomino grapes.

D.O.: Jerez-Xérès-Sherry.

Grape variety: Palomino Fino.

Aging: Dynamic Criaderas and Soleras, in 500 L. American oak casks.

Old age: More than 15 years on average.

Alcohol content: 17,5% en volumen.

Format: 75 cl., botella jerezana tradicional.


Oloroso is a “vocational” wine; the special structure that it shows from the beginning, recommends its classification for oxidative aging.

The initial heading at 17 degrees prevents the development of the flor veil, so the wine ages exposed to the slow action of oxygen. The slow loss of water through the walls of the butt promotes a continuous process of concentration, which makes the wine gain in structure, smoothness and complexity, while reaching a higher alcohol content.

Aditional information

Organoleptic features

Amber to mahogany colored wine, clean and bright. On the nose it presents a complex aroma in which the notes of dried fruits such as walnuts, varnishes, vinacid wood, leather stand out… typical of prolonged oxidative aging. In the mouth it is dry and smooth on the palate, with a very long and persistent aftertaste.

Keeping suggestion

Keep in a fresh  and dark place.Put the bottle in vertical position. Optimun temperature 22 ºC.

Serving suggestions

Cured cheese, such as idiazabal, parmigiano or extra old gouda are ideal to accompany a glass of oloroso, as well as game meats, meat stews, oxtail, osso buco and bluefin tuna belly tataki .

Serve chilled at 12-14ºC temperature.

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