Bodega MAR 7 – 1840 is a project that we launched in August 2014, in honor of our winery ancestors – more than 186 years behind us – both by Bodegas Pedro Romero and by Delgado Zuleta-. Unfortunately, in 2014 Pedro Romero had to close and we wanted to keep “something” in honor of our ancestors, which is why we bought boots, soleras and wines to, little by little, with time and patience, build a small winery, a winery author and what better place than the Casa Matriz where Pedro Romero started in 1840 and which maintains the same architecture of the time (high ceilings with wooden beams and wide stone walls that constitute an ideal place for the aging of organic wines).

Our obligation is to maintain those soleras, which is why we search the market for the same style of wine to replace the “sacas”.

Quality is our maxim, so, we offer a selection of the best wines in the Sherry Area, limited production, bottled and directly from the barrel.

Bodega MAR 7 – 1840 belongs to the Denomination of Origin Jerez-Xérès-Sherry and Manzanilla-Sanlúcar de Barrameda, the oldest in Spain – dating from 1939.

An area that meets ideal conditions for the production and aging of our wines (360 days of sunshine a year, two predominant winds: west and east, high rainfall; 720 L./m2), a traditional and genuine aging system; System of Criaderas and Soleras and a very special Land; the Albariza.
There are 7.000 hectares of vineyards that make up the Marco de Jerez, a landscape of white slopes, facing the Atlantic Ocean, with excellent use of the westerly winds.

Albariza is essential for the aging of our wines, a whitish, rocky soil, poor in calcium carbonate and rich in organic matter, capable of retaining the few but abundant rains that occur in the area and nourishing the vine in the months of drought.

Our System of Criaderas and Soleras allow us to obtain a homogeneous wine, of the same quality, year after year, with an average and minimum age of 2 years. 

That is why numerous oenologists, opinion critics, sommeliers…, agree that in the Marco we have true jewels of oenology, the most purely Spanish wine as well as the most international and cosmopolitan. Some unique wines in the world, made with practically a single type of grape; Fine Palomino


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