Manzanilla Pasada


Type: Wine biologically aged under “Velo de Flor” elaborated with palomino grapes.

D.O.: Manzanilla-Sanlúcar de Barrameda.

Grape Variety: Palomino Fino.

Aging: Dynamic Criaderas and Soleras, in 500 L. American oak casks.

Old age: 8 years on average, to reach its fullness and maturity.

Alcohol content: 15, 00 % vol.

Format: Classical sherry bottle of 75 cl.


Sometimes, Manzanillas are subjected to exceptionally long aging periods, in which the “yeast” becomes slightly weaker due to a small leve lof oxidation and greater complexity, thus the “Manzanilla Pasadas arise. Wines with more structure but with all the Sharp and intense character typical of biological aging.


Aditional information

Organoleptic features

Pale golden wine, clean and glistening, delicate, complex and intense aroma, typical of prolonged biological aging, where nuts, notes of bakery, cereals…, stand out.

On palate, it is dry, tasty, and light, with pronounced and complex nuances.


Keeping suggestions

Keep in a fresh  and dark place.Put the bottle in vertical position. Optimun temperature 16 ºC.

Once bottled, it should be consumed in 1 year.

Serving suggestions

Serve in a catavino or wine glass up to half. Ideal to accompany with all kinds of appetizers and tapas (cheese, ham, seafood, sushi…) and the most varied dishes (fish, salmorejo salads, consommés, soupy rice dishes …).

Serve chilled at 6-10 C temperature.


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