Pedro Ximénez 


Type: Natural sweet wine, obtained from the partial fermentation of musts from the Pedro Ximénez variety previously raisined. 

D.O.: Jerez-Xérès-Sherry.

Grape variety: Palomino Fino.

Aging: Dynamic Criaderas and Soleras, in 500 L. American oak casks.

Old age: 12 years on average.

Alcohol content: 17,5% en volumen.

Format: 75 cl., botella jerezana tradicional.


Pedro Ximénez is a sweet wine originating in the Andalusian wine regions of Marco de Jerez, Montilla-Moriles and Málaga.After the harvest, the grapes are exposed to “sunlight” in order to concentrate the sugars and natural acidity, resulting in a sweet wine.In addition to the natural sweet wine “Pedro Ximénez”, it is combined with oloroso, to obtain two other wines; “Medium” and “Cream”.

Aditional Information

Organolepthic features

Dark mahogany colored wine, with deep raisin aromas. Soft and sweet in the mouth. Full, vigorous and with perfect balance. Made from Pedro Ximénez grapes, exposed for raisining.

Keeping suggestion

Keep in a fresh  and dark place.Put the bottle in vertical position.

Optimun temperature 22 ºC.

Serving suggestions

Ideal as an aperitif (blue cheese) or dessert (fruit salad, dark chocolate, vanilla ice cream, cheese cake…).

Usually used in the preparation of pastries and desserts, as well as for reductions.

Keep in a fresh place. Serve chilled at 12-14ºC temperature.

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